What Does Your Engagement Ring Say About You?

It’s time for a fun blog about a girl’s best friend: DIAMONDS!

Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes, and the one that your fiancé chooses for you to wear for all eternity says a lot about your relationship and also a lot about you!

Look over this list of various cuts and see what shape best suits you:


Your Style: Traditional.

Your relationship: Your fiancé makes you whole and the love is absolutely infinite. This is symbolized by the never ending circle shape of the diamond. You are marrying your best friend and you can look forward to a life of sharing inside jokes, and always having someone by your side who really gets you.

Your wedding: Relaxed and romantic. Much like the couple hosting it.

Emerald cut:

Your style: Elegant and sophisticated.

Your relationship: They are completely taken by you. You are the person of their dreams and they are completely in awe.

Your wedding: A can’t miss affair that everyone will be talking about for years to come.

Cushion cut:

Your style: You define class. People sometimes describe you as legendary.

Your relationship: Above all, they let you be you.

Your wedding: Just like you. Timeless and elegant.

Princess cut:

Your style: You come to a complete halt when you see anything shiny.

Your relationship: They treats you like the princess (or prince!) you are.

Your wedding: You don’t worry so much about the details, and focus solely on the person waiting at the end of the aisle for you.

Pear shaped:

Your style: Traditional isn’t in your vocabulary. You live to be different.

Your relationship: Your partner is much like you. Independent, but all the while completely committed.

Your wedding: As wild as you are.

Heart shaped:

Your style: You live for romance and you don’t care who sees.

Your relationship: They’re completely smitten. Anytime someone buys anything heart shaped, they’re completely head over heels.

Your wedding: You go all out, and you love it.

An engagement ring is one of the most important, and timeless things you can ever give to someone. It symbolizes so much more than the cost or carat size. When it comes down to it, it really is the person behind the ring that counts.