Wedding Traditions We Would Like to Divorce…

There is something so sacred and traditional about the sanctity of marriage. The so called “rules” that every bride and groom should follow come from a different world long, long ago, and they need some SERIOUS revamping. We now live in a very modern world, and society has changed drastically. So isn’t it time we […]

Cake 1

Choosing Your Wedding Cake

Choosing your wedding cake is one of the most difficult items to scratch off the wedding list. In this article we’ll be talking about working with a baker, trying out flavors, fillings, and icing for the perfect wedding cake. A multi-tiered cake with intricate icing and decorative details typically conveys formality. A silver footed cake […]

How to Get in Shape for Your Wedding Day

Speaking about weddings, my last blog post was about wedding hairstyles. This time around I wanted to speak about getting in shape for THE day. As the kids say now and days: “just wing it “. This is not the way I approach or recommend anyone to approach this particular task. After hearing from various […]