How to Find a Perfect Wedding Dress

Picking what dress you will wear on your wedding day is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. Well that is, right after deciding who you will marry.

This is not a decision to be taken lightly, and both research and time must be invested to find the perfect gown.

Here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts, that can help you on your quest for the dress.

DON’T schedule a fitting late in the day. The earlier the better to meet with bridal consultants and try on some gowns. Earlier in the day means that the consultants are more on point, and also that you will have their full attention because they haven’t seen a million clients that day.

DO really try and find a flattering silhouette for your taste and body type. This should be the first step of the process. Once you find a shape that is flattering on your body, you can worry more about the small details like beading and sparkles.

DO remember that the main focus of the dress is from the waist up. This is the thing that people notice first, and also what you will notice most in your wedding pictures.

DO bring your camera with you to the boutique if they allow. Richard O’Malley, owner of an event consulting firm, says “The mirrors are there to sell you the dress. A camera never lies”. Taking pictures of the dresses you try on not only lets you remember exactly how each one fit, but also shows how it will really look outside of the bridal mirrors the boutique has. Consider calling ahead to see if your bridal boutique allows cameras, so you aren’t disappointed when you get there if they don’t.

DO try on as many dresses as you feel necessary. Consider trying on dresses that you wouldn’t normally pick out of a rack, sometimes the results will surprise you! A dress might be much more flattering on than it is on a hanger, and visa versa.

DON’T try on too many however. This can begin to get confusing and stressful if you have too many options and choices. You should always go with your gut instinct because most of the time you will end up picking this dress anyway.

DON’T feel like you must have an audience when trying on dresses. Its always fun to have your mom, your fiancee’s mom, your best friend, their mom and aunt, and the next door neighbours there when you try on gowns for the big day, but keep in mind too many opinions all at once can cause added stress. It’s not a bad thing if you even want to go alone and trust in the bridal consultants. They have the best insight into the industry, and its much easier to hear and listen to what they are saying if you don’t have everyone in your ear about what they think.

DO ask plenty of questions. Also keep in mind you will be doing a lot of activities in this dress. Can you dance in it? Can you comfortably sit down in it? Can you even walk in it? This is a very important part of the deciding process. Your dress not only needs to make you feel beautiful and like the princess you are, but also needs to be functional and something you will be comfortable wearing on your big night.

ALSO keep in mind this process should be started way before the wedding date. Not only so you can shop around and exhaust all options until you find the perfect dress, but also so you aren’t stressed about finding one so soon that you just settle on one that is just “Okay”.

Try not to feel rushed, and wait for the right one to come along. Its kind of like waiting for the man who will be standing at the end of the aisle for you, well worth the wait!