Healthy Meal Ideas for the Bride

As the bride-to-be, you will be testing, checking, calling, confirming and trying on things until you feel like you’re going to explode – but it’s all for a wonderful cause!  Wedding planning is very hectic and doesn’t always leave time for healthy meal ideas for the bride. In combination with healthy eating,  future brides should look into getting in shape by jumping rope. It’s one of the best cardio exercises to lose weight

Most of the time you will probably grab a handful of something on your way out or rely on a few cups of coffee to get you through the day.  Unfortunately, this is not the healthiest way to eat and it’s important to keep yourself fit and happy so you can enjoy the big day! Here are some quick and healthy meal ideas for the bride:

Healthy Meal Ideas to Boost the Bride’s Energy

When you’re in the middle of all the wedding plans you can handle, what you really need is a great boost of energy – and not the crash and burn kind of feeling you get from coffee and sweets.


Choose meals that provide healthy energy to keep you going throughout the day.  For breakfast, have whole grain cereals, whole grain toast or yogurt.  Add a half a piece of fruit and some orange juice and you’ve got a great healthy meal that will provide the necessary energy.


Some healthy meal ideas for the bride’s lunch can include salads with lots of greens, shredded carrots, lean meats like chicken or fish and peppermint iced tea.  It’s also important to drink a lot of water with and between meals.  Not only is this extremely healthy, but it takes great care of the skin – giving you a beautiful, glowing look!


For dinner, use healthy meal ideas that make you feel full and provide essential vitamins and nutrients.  Salmon is a great source of energy and necessary omega 3 fatty acids.  Pair this with a small amount of pasta, which is a great source of carbohydrates – the bodies’ leading source of energy.  Green vegetables and whole wheat toast will also provide great energy and vitamins.


Throughout the day, it’s perfectly fine to snack if you feel hungry.  Just remember that along with healthy meal ideas for the bride – you should choose healthy snacks that also provide energy.  Almonds are a great source of energy and snacking on fresh fruits and vegetables is a great way to gather up essential vitamins. There’s also great CBD cookies that will make calm you down and make you feel relaxed.

Different Types of Food

As you’re exploring healthy meal ideas for the bride, it’s worth mentioning that a few days before the wedding (and especially the night before or day of the wedding) you should avoid certain foods.  Foods that could upset your stomach, stain your teeth, cause breakouts or other problems should be avoided.  Here are just a few instances to think about:

  • Garlic – when eaten in excess, garlic not only causes bad breath but also comes right through the pores. The last thing you want to smell like when you’re walking down the aisle is garlic!
  • Beets, Blueberries or Other Staining Foods – your wedding photographs will never please you if your teeth are bright red or blue. Remember those staining foods!


Learning important healthy meal ideas for the bride will help you boost your energy, stay healthy, and look beautiful, so your wedding day goes smoothly and you feel fantastic.