Choosing Your Ceremony Music

Photo by Julie Saad Photography

The music you choose for your wedding ceremony should be very special. Many couples choose songs that have a special meaning to them or music which sets the mood for the beautiful ceremony that is about to take place. Although there is no set rule when it comes to the music, the songs are generally played at specific times.

The prelude is played while guests are being seated and individuals are settling in for the ceremony. During religious weddings, the prelude may change during the lighting of the candles or other religious rituals.

  • The processional is played while the wedding party (bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc.) are entering the room.
  • The bridal processional is played as the bride enters the room and walks down the aisle.
  • The recessional is played after the actual marriage and as the bride, groom and wedding party exit the room.

A Note about Choosing Ceremony Music for Religious Ceremonies

If your wedding will take place in a church or other sacred location, it’s important to check with the site’s authority to find out what music will be acceptable. Typically, the traditional wedding music, such as the Bridal Chorus from Wagner is perfectly acceptable for religious weddings. More modern music may be acceptable as well, so long as it’s in good taste.


For the prelude, you should choose music that means something to you and your spouse. This may be a song that holds special meaning for the two of you, such as the first song you danced to or a song that you feel describes your relationship. This music should be played soft and usually lasts for about 10 to 15 minutes.


As your wedding party makes their way into the room, traditional marches are great. However, you can choose to play any type of song you want. If you will be having a themed wedding, consider music that complements your particular theme.

Bridal Processional

Again, this is your choice – however, many brides opt for the traditional bridal chorus which is also known as ‘Here comes the bride.’


As you and your wedding party make your way from the church or room after the marriage is completed, you may want to play something celebratory in nature and upbeat. Consider songs that make you feel wonderful fit the mood – you will be married for mere minutes at this time. It’s the very beginning of your married life!

It can be difficult to determine which songs to choose for your ceremony. However, by thinking of songs that have special meaning or inspire feelings of love and happiness – you will have your ceremony song list in no time!