6 Wedding Cake Myths — Busted!

Of course, you want your wedding cake to not only taste delicious but also look delicious without breaking the bank. Am I right? Before you order, consider these myths to make your experience just as sweet:

1. Buttercream is less expensive than fondant. This statement may be true, but most cake bakers prefer to decorate with fondant instead of buttercream. Therefore, there might be an extra fee for that rich, buttery flavor.

2. Order fake tiers in order to serve sheet cakes. A fake tier would be a decorated piece of styrofoam or rice krispies treats. Sheet cakes would then supplement the fake tiers. In reality, the cake baker is actually doing the same (or more) amount of work it would take to make a real tier.

3. Decorate with fresh florals not sugar flowers.

4. Make your own wedding cake. They’re expensive to buy and make. Consider all the ingredients, tools, equipment, and time! It’s too labor-extensive.

5. Choose a flavor that your guests will like. Choose a flavor that YOU want for one tier (like lemon) and then choose a mainstream flavor (like vanilla, chocolate, or red velvet) for the remaining two tiers. Check out the top wedding cake tips.

6. Save the top of your wedding cake for your first anniversary. Tradition is out, so you think. You can still save the cake, but often times cake bakers also give a free mini cake.