10 Wedding Traditions You Can Do Without

As you prepare for one of the most beautiful days of your life, you will probably want to honor some very important wedding traditions. Most couples look forward to the vows, the first dance and other exciting traditions. However, many people believe that some wedding traditions are completely outdated and restricting. Check out these 10 wedding traditions that you can definitely do without.

1. The White Dress

In the past, when a woman wore a white wedding dress, it was a symbol of the innocence and purity of the bride-to-be. It was an honor and a bit of a ‘must’ for the woman to be virginal on her wedding. These days, women are free to be however they’d like to be before their weddings and no one is going to challenge the purity of the bride-to-be.

If you want to wear a lavender wedding dress, a sage-green wedding dress or a rainbow colored wedding dress – feel free! Many women love the idea of a white wedding dress and that’s alright too, but don’t let the tradition bind you.

2. The Bride’s Family Foots the Bills

This is a very traditional idea and many times, the bride’s parents want to pay for the wedding. It’s a charming idea, but many say it’s not so practical these days. The tradition of the bride’s parents paying for the wedding came from the days when dowries were offered to the groom-to-be. The lucky guy would receive farm animals, money or other gifts in exchange for marrying the woman. The parents typically put on as grand a celebration as they could to back up the dowry.

In this modern age, the gift that grooms receive is the hand of their women! Another important point to remember is that usually, the person who pays for the wedding controls what sort of wedding takes place. There are many other options when it comes to the wedding bills – the bride and groom can pay for the wedding themselves, the bride and groom’s families can share the expenses or other arrangements can be made.

3. The Dollar Dance

While many families enjoy this tradition at weddings, others feel that it’s a bit tacky. The dollar dance has many variations, but typically, the wedding guests will hand out dollars or money to dance with the bride and groom. If you feel uncomfortable asking your guests to pay in order to dance with you, leave this tradition in the past! A nice variation includes having the guests write their blessings or wishes for the couple on small pieces of paper and giving those to the bride and groom!

4. Throwing Rice

There is a bit of controversy about throwing rice as the bride and groom leave the wedding location. Some people believe it is harmful to birds while others disagree – however, to avoid controversy (and a mess) altogether, you can simply do away with this tradition. Instead, have the guests toss rose petals or birdseed as you make your way toward your new life with the one you love!

5. The Garter Removal and Throw

This is the part where the men at the wedding line up to watch the groom remove his new bride’s garter and toss it to them. Of course, this is still a favorite for some individuals, but for others, it’s a bit outdated. This originates from centuries ago when people considered it lucky to have a bit of the bride’s attire. Unfortunately for the brides of those days, they often found their dress ripped to shreds! These days, it’s entirely up to the bride and groom to follow this tradition or toss it!

6. Something Old; Something New…

Something borrowed; something blue. While this is a cute tradition that has turned into something of a superstition for new brides and grooms, there is no rule which says it must be included. If you don’t like the idea of this tradition, feel free to scratch it from your ceremony!

7. The Traditional Vows

“For rich or for poor; in sickness and in health…” These vows are still fairly popular with couples today, however many are writing their own vows or having them written. It’s a great personal touch to write your own vows and to read something which truly comes from the heart rather than reciting the same promises that millions of other individuals have promised their new spouses. If you don’t like the idea of regurgitating the same old vows at your wedding, get rid of the tradition and write your own!

8. “Obey Who?”

While this is just a small aspect of the wedding ceremony, many individuals have already gotten rid of this tradition. Even though these days most people understand that everyone is free, some people don’t like the idea of promising to obey their new spouses. If this idea doesn’t sit well with you either, there is no reason for doing it! Say things that you mean and that you feel comfortable with.

9. The Father Gives Away His Daughter

Although this is a very special moment for some brides-to-be, others don’t like the thought of being ‘given away,’ as if they were property. In fact, this antiquated tradition started in the days when girls had no choice who they were given to in marriage. These days, many women are perfectly happy celebrating their wedding day with their parents – and leaving out the ‘giving away’ aspect of the father and daughter walk.

10. A Sixpence in Your Shoe

A superstitious tradition, the sixpence was placed in the bride-to-be’s left shoe by her father to bring prosperity and fortune to the marriage. While it’s a harmless tradition, most individuals understand that the prosperity will come through the couples’ hard work rather than a lucky coin placed in a shoe. If you’re not fond of this tradition, you can definitely do without it.

There is something ritualistic about many traditions that take place at weddings. For many, without these traditions, the wedding is lacking. However, for many others, these traditions are outdated and unnecessary. It’s your big day and rather than including traditions you think are old, tacky or silly – why not create brand new traditions and make your wedding just the way you want it?