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It was a lot of fun collaborating with Emily of Once Wed on this Tousled Layered ponytail. Full feature on Once Wed.

Tousled Layered Ponytail

1. Divide hair into two parts (top half and bottom half).

2. Tie lower part into ponytail.

3. Loosen top portion of hair, select a smaller section on top and lightly twist using bobby pins to secure in back.

4. Take small sections of each side while overlapping in the back with bobby pins (a layer at a time), until all the hair has been overlapped above the ponytail.

5. Use a hair bungee band to tie both the excess-layered hair strands and pony tail together.

6. Conceal the hair band by wrapping a small section of the hair from ponytail.  Secure using bobby pins.

Photography: Erich McVey | Styling & Creative Direction: Emily Newman for Once Wed | Hair & Makeup: Mimi and Taylor | Photo lab: PhotoVision | Gown: Rick Owens

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